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A New Service for Women in Need

Did you know that a woman with an untreated STD who has a surgical abortion is susceptible to health complications?

The infected cells can physically spread to the uterus via the abortion tools and cause a secondary infection called Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). According to the CDC, PID can lead to ectopic pregnancy, infertility, abscess, chronic pelvic and abdominal pain, and pain and bleeding during sex. This leaves vulnerable women at significant risk for these health complications. Women need to know the full spectrum of risks associated with abortion.

Woman’s New Life Center now offers limited STD testing to women for a nominal fee. Our reason for this is multifaceted.

First, this gives us an opportunity to encounter an abortion-minded woman. We know how to help women in unplanned pregnancies. By adding another practical service, we will have even more opportunities to help women during this difficult time. She can also receive our other services including ultrasound and professional counseling. By the end of this encounter, she will have been invited to the truth and empowered to make a life-affirming choice.

Second, it opens a door for reaching even more women and inviting them to recognize the sacredness of their sexuality. This service will be offered to all women, not just those in unplanned pregnancies.

“Each time we encounter a woman at WNLC, we have the privilege and responsibility to see her as God does—not as the sum of her bad decisions but as a person created by God from love, by love and for love,” said Dr. Susan Caldwell, Hope Woman’s Clinic’s CMO.

This gives another opportunity for us to participate in a “spiritual maternity,” to be a source of guidance and love to women who have lost sight of or have never been told of their dignity.

Through offering STD testing, we are now able to reach even more women and speak life to them. Each encounter is an opportunity to invite even more women to learn the truth about who they are as daughters of God and recognize the beauty of the culture of life.

We are open! Click here to read about the precautions we’re taking for COVID-19.