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How NFP Fits the WNLC Mission

It’s National NFP Awareness Week. Wondering what that means and what it has to do with Woman’s New Life Center? Take a look!


What is NFP?

Natural Family Planning (sometimes referred to as Fertility Awareness-Based Methods) is a method for achieving or avoiding pregnancy that is based on the observation of certain naturally-occurring signs in the woman which indicate the fertile and infertile phases of her menstrual cycle.

An active part of our mission since 2011!

Since 2011, NFP has been an active part of our mission to promote the sanctity of life, the dignity of women, and the sacredness of sexuality. We knew we wanted to empower women with knowledge of their gift of fertility. Thus, in 2011 WNLC began offering the Creighton Model, an amazing form of NFP that also works alongside NaProTECHNOLOGY to diagnose and treat a wide array of women’s health issues. Now we also offer a second form of NFP: the Family of the Americas Ovulation Method, which is even offered in Spanish at our New Orleans office.

Who is it for?

Both methods allow couples to manage their fertility for their entire reproductive lives and can be used by women of all reproductive ages, including those seeking to achieve pregnancy, those seeking to avoid or postpone pregnancy, women with irregular cycles, breastfeeding women, and pre-menopausal women.

Why is this important?

Through teaching women to monitor their own fertility, we are empowering them with knowledge of the intricacy of their bodies and how God has carefully and beautifully laid the framework for new life. It allows them to understand their God-given dignity in a profound way and fosters within them an appreciation for the sanctity of life and the sacredness of sexuality.

Because of YOU, women are learning of their dignity and worth. Thank you for making this possible!

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