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Why Professional Counseling?

When a woman is in a crisis pregnancy, she deserves real, professional help to navigate the nuances of her situation. At Woman’s New Life Clinic, we offer professional counseling for pregnancy and surrounding issues; these counseling services are also provided to the husbands, boyfriends, and family members as needed. When we offer true healing for the woman in crisis, we empower her to embrace the life of her child.

Thank YOU for making this possible.

“The prospect of having an ultrasound can create significant anxiety and panic for a woman who is in crisis. She understands that, once she sees the baby for herself it will be much more difficult for defense mechanisms, such as denial or avoidance, to work. Before the ultrasound, the pregnancy still seems hypothetical. When we as counselors meet with clients, we help the client to explore and prepare for what it might be like to receive news such as “Here is the baby’s heartbeat,” or “The ultrasound says you’re 6 weeks pregnant.” We then identify ways they can cope with their anxiety and distress, through techniques like deep breathing, mindfulness, and visualizing their safe place… tools that can bring some immediate relief. It’s amazing to see the heaviness and worries begin to dissipate when the woman realizes she has the ability to conquer the crisis.”
– Whitney Watkins, WNLC Counselor

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