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Providing Healing through Counseling for a Past Abortion

When we say we’re here for the mother as well as the baby, we mean it. We believe in hope and healing for everyone—that includes the women (and men!) who have already had an abortion.

Among our many life-affirming services is professional post-abortion counseling for both women and men. Read how Alanna and Jack found healing from their past abortions.

Alanna’s Story:

“I walked into Woman’s New Life Center full of confusion and anxiety… I thought that this pregnancy may be with my former boyfriend and thought that I would have an abortion if he was the father. I met with my counselor, who was so calm and so welcoming. She asked me if I had ever had an abortion; I had. We talked about that past abortion and how it relates to my pregnancy today. As we were talking, I realized how temporary everything in my life seemed to be, and how this baby could be the start of something new for me. During the ultrasound, I saw the tiny heart beating. At that moment I knew things were changing for me. I’m now five months pregnant with a baby girl. I’ve remained in touch with my counselor at WNLC. I’ll never forget her and what she did for me.”

Jack’s Story:

“I never thought much about whether or not I was pro-life, and then my girlfriend decided to have an abortion. My world fell apart. I realized that I needed help to deal with the loss of my son. I couldn’t deal with the feelings of anger and powerlessness on my own. I’ve been coming to Woman’s New Life Center every week, and my counselor has been a gift from God. I wish I could help other men who are going through what I am experiencing…”


How YOU give healing and new life

Millions of women and men in the U.S. have had abortions. Many are unhealed and do not know that they have an opportunity to work through their experience and loss.

The psychological ramifications of having an abortion are great and may include depression, grief, anxiety, lowered self-esteem, regret, suicidal thoughts and behavior, sexual dysfunction, avoidance of emotional attachments, flashbacks, substance abuse, and more.

And sometimes, as was almost the case with Alanna’s story, a past abortion can lead to a vicious cycle of future abortions as well.

Our professional counselors are specially prepared to provide healing for women and men who have had a past abortion. Grief from a loss is a human condition and should be treated with respect and compassion. Because each individual experiences loss at different paces and times, our counselors work with clients to develop an individualized plan to work through their presenting needs. Our professional counselors provide a treatment approach that meets each person where he or she is.

Because of you, women and men are breaking free from the psychological chains of a past abortion. Because of you, they are finding healing from the wounds of this devastating culture of death.

Thank you for your gift of healing. Thank you for your gift of new life.

If you are someone you know a struggling with a past abortion, we are here with hope and healing. Our professional counseling is completely free and confidential. Call us today to begin your road to healing.

In New Orleans: 504.831.3117
In Baton Rouge: 225.663.6470

*Client names changed to protect confidentiality

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