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Saving Lives Through Abortion Pill Reversal

Yes, abortion pill reversal is a real thing, and it’s giving women a second chance to choose life.

When a woman opts to have an abortion in the early stages of her pregnancy, she can choose to do so through the “abortion pill,” which is actually a series of two pills. The woman takes the first pill, mifepristone, which blocks the receptors that allow the baby to receive progesterone, the primary hormone necessary to sustain early pregnancy. The woman then takes the second pill, misoprostol, a few days later to induce expulsion of the baby.

Here’s the beautiful thing about time—it gives space for miracles to happen.

In the interim between taking the two pills, the woman might regret her decision to abort her child. It might not happen often, but when it does, we’re there to help save the life of her baby.

Among our services for women in unplanned pregnancies is an abortion pill reversal protocol.

WNLC is part of an international network of providers that was begun in 2012 by Dr. George Delgado in California. The abortion pill reversal process involves supplementing the woman with enough bioidentical progesterone to override the mifepristone’s attempts to block the woman’s production of it. Doing so within 24 to 72 hours after ingestion of the first pill (the mifepristone) can nullify the abortion pill’s effectiveness and give the baby a fighting chance. Progesterone supplementation and periodic ultrasounds continue throughout the duration of the early pregnancy to monitor the health of the woman and child.

As you can imagine, the emotional journey can be quite intense. As always, we are also here with professional counseling for these women to help them navigate their emotions and find peace throughout the process.

What a profound witness of God’s mercy to be able to provide women with the opportunity to choose life even after choosing abortion!

To our beloved donors, thank you. Thank you for allowing Woman’s New Life Center to be such a source of saving grace.

How YOU can help:

The abortion pill reversal protocol and coordination can be quite costly. Your donations make this service possible. Because of you, women can have a second chance at giving life to their child.

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