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Amber’s Story

Amber pulled into the parking lot of the abortion clinic for her consultation appointment. This pregnancy was weighing on her. She hadn’t decided on an abortion yet, but she was far from thrilled about it.

She got out of the car to head to her appointment but then turned around. The sign on the side of Woman’s New Life Clinic’s Baton Rouge office caught her eye. Two things on our sign changed the course of Amber’s life in that moment:

First, the abortion clinic was going to charge her for her appointment to discuss her pregnancy options. But, as our sign stated, she could receive professional counseling plus a pregnancy test and ultrasound for FREE at Woman’s New Life Clinic.

Second, one of the free services listed on the sign was abortion pill reversal. This intrigued her. She hadn’t taken the abortion pill, but she was interested to learn that it could be reversed.

Instead of keeping her appointment at the abortion clinic, Amber walked through the doors of Woman’s New Life Clinic where she was met with our compassionate staff.

One of our professional counselors sat down with Amber and answered every question she had, encouraging her to slow down before making a decision. Throughout their conversation, Amber began to feel at peace with her pregnancy.

Then she met with our nurse for an ultrasound. There she encountered her precious, living child. This life was a blessing—she could see that now.

Because of YOU, Amber received the professional care she needed to guide her through the stress of her unplanned pregnancy. And, because of you, she received these services for free!

Thank you for empowering Amber and so many more women like her. Because of your kindness, we are here for women with the life-affirming services they need to choose life!