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August 19, 2016

Hope, Because of You: WNLC Breaks Ground on Claiborne Avenue

The rain promised to be relentless as the day progressed. The prospect of gathering outdoors became an impossibility. Somehow this was fitting though: Despite the obstacles, there is always hope.

And so last Thursday, August 11, the feast day of our patroness St. Clare, Woman’s New Life Center celebrated the groundbreaking of our new Claiborne Avenue location. Although the physical property was too saturated for the ceremony to take place on it, the Lord always provides—the nearby Salvation Army opened the doors to its chapel for our gathering. With just enough sunlight peeking through the stained glass windows to remind us of His presence, we prayed and we celebrated.

The news of Planned Parenthood’s presence on Claiborne Avenue could have seemed a hopeless prospect, a loss in the battle for the culture of life in our community. But the Lord has continued to provide. Much like David standing up to Goliath, the task has often seemed insurmountable, but the Lord has reminded us again and again that “the One who has called us is faithful and it is He who will accomplish it” (1 Thes. 5:24).

The Salvation Army’s gracious invitation is just a taste of the miracles of generosity Woman’s New Life Center has been blessed with in this journey. We have been blessed with the gifts and talents of so many in our community.

“Because of you,” began Angie Thomas in her opening address, “there is new hope for our daughters, a place that embraces their dignity and encourages their purity. Because of you, there is help for those struggling with infertility. Because of you, there are over 2,000 people in this community who were saved from abortion through this ministry! Thank you for making this happen!”

The journey to being even more present to the women in need of hope has only just begun. “So today, let us thank God for all He has done and will continue to do in us and through us,” stated Dr. Susan Caldwell. “We will not be discouraged when we face trials, but we will rejoice in our weaknesses knowing that it is only through weakness that His glory can be revealed. May we embrace this humble beginning before us and follow the advice given to us by Our Lady who said, ‘Do whatever He tells you (Jn. 2:5).'”

Thank you for sharing in this journey. Thank you for sharing in this HOPE.

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