Unplanned Pregnancies

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Unplanned Pregnancy Services

  1. Free Pregnancy Tests
    We offer urine pregnancy testing free of charge; and your test can be verified by a nurse. A nurse will take you into the medical office, ask you a few basic questions about your health history. You will be administered a urine pregnancy. Tests that will be read by you and the nurse. As indicated on our consent form, our pregnancy tests are 97-99% accurate.
  2. Free Ultrasound
    We offer limited ultrasounds free of charge for the purpose of confirming your pregnancy. We will discuss scheduling an ultrasound with you during your first appointment.
  3. Material Needs
    Material needs are for existing clients and clients that receive services. We have material items donated to our center. If we are able, we are happy to help with any specific need you may have. Please let the counselor know of your needs. We are normally able to help a couple of times with specific needs. Referrals can be made to diaper banks or other support agencies as needed. Items available may include maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby equipment, and diapers.
  4. Social Services Referrals
    We can help you in other areas of need in your life. You may need housing, want to make a plan to stay in school, or are looking for a doctor. We know many resources available in the local area that can help you.
  5. Free Professional Counseling
    We offer one-on-one professional counseling free of charge for those who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. We are here for ongoing support, to walk with you throughout your pregnancy.

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Hope Woman’s Clinic has merged with Woman’s New Life Center to become Woman’s New Life Clinic. We’re thrilled to offer unplanned pregnancy and reproductive health services under one brand name that more effectively communicates all of what we have for women in our community.