Woman’s New Life Center: A Safe and Welcoming Healthcare Center


Women turn to Woman’s New Life Center because we provide the information, services, compassion and hope they seek in special times of need.

Here’s what some of our clients have said after coming to Woman’s New Life Center…

“As I was walking into the abortion clinic for my appointment, I knew I didn’t want to do this. It just seemed that life was impossible…my boyfriend had lost his job, my job certainly couldn’t pay the bills, we already had a three-year old, and I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This all seemed like the perfect ‘excuse’ to get the abortion. Yet, I was humbled as I saw people praying outside of the abortion clinic. I somehow knew that there was still hope. So I went to Woman’s New Life Center. They helped me see that there were people and places that could help. Life was possible! Now, as I look into the eyes of my amazing son, I don’t know what I would without him!”
– Keisha

“Once they realized that I thought I was at the abortion clinic, they immediately explained that they neither perform nor refer for abortion, but they were here to help if I wanted to learn about other options. I felt comfortable, so I shared my story. I was being pressured by my boyfriend to have this abortion. I didn’t want to abort this baby. I had already had an abortion in the past, and I knew the pain that comes with that. The people at Woman’s New Life Center helped me to see that I could stand up to my boyfriend. I didn’t have to have the abortion. Once I told my boyfriend, he understood. In fact, within a few days, he bought the baby a bib that said, “Heaven Sent.” I agree. Our baby is Heaven Sent, and so was my ‘appointment’ with Woman’s New Life Center.”
– Megan

“I just love it at Woman’s New Life Center. The counselor was so much of a help with my pregnancy. When I heard my baby’s heartbeat, my whole life changed. I would send a lot of women to Woman’s New Life Center for anything.”
– Rachel

“The counselor cared; I needed that. I was ready to abort and get it over with, but she told me to be strong. I thank God that I found a positive person to talk to and that I’m being a good mama to my children.”
– Sarah

“I feel hope now. Woman’s New Life Center helped me to make my decision to deliver my youngest child. I named my baby ‘Megume,’ which means “blessing” in my language. That is what she is, a true blessing.”
– Linh