What To Expect


We Will Help With Your Loss and Healing, Giving You Renewed Hope

What to Expect After Having an Abortion

Millions of women and men in the U.S. have had abortions. Many are unhealed and do not know that they have an opportunity to work through their experience and loss. Because each individual experiences loss at different paces and times, our counselors work with each client to develop an individualized plan to work through his or her presenting needs. Our professional counselors provide a treatment approach that meets each person where he or she is.

Women’s health is a priority. If you have recently had an abortion, it is very important to address your physical health needs and tend to your emotional needs as well. For some women and men, it has taken 20–30 years to seek healing. Please do not wait that long. Just coming and processing your experience can be relieving in and of itself.


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