Ovulation Method


The Ovulation Method

Through education in the Ovulation Method, we help couples who wish to conceive as well as those who wish to postpone pregnancy.

The Family of the Americas Foundation (FAF) focuses on research and practical application of fertility education for couples worldwide.

The Family of the Americas Ovulation Method is a method of Natural Family Planning based on the cervical secretion that appears regularly during a woman’s reproductive years and is a natural sign of fertility. The Family of the Americas model of the Ovulation Method includes a simple charting system that makes tracking the cycle accessible to anyone.

Instruction includes an introductory slide presentation and individual follow-up appointments until autonomy is attained.

The cost of learning the method is as follows:

Introductory Session: $25
1-hour Follow-ups: $25
Half-hour follow-ups: $15
Initial Materials (book and 6-month chart): $17.50 – $33.00

To schedule an appointment or to learn more, please send us an email:
In New Orleans: fertilityNOLA@womansnewlife.com
In Baton Rouge: fertilityBR@womansnewlife.com

Our Instructors

Our Family of the Americas Ovulation Method instructors have completed a Master Teacher Training and work closely with an assigned supervisor prior to receiving a Family of the Americas Master Teacher certification.