Baby Development


Personal & Compassionate Care in a Difficult Time

“I Wish I Could Have Been Told.”

Millions of women have had abortions. Some claim no regrets; however, many face a startling awareness when they become pregnant years later for a planned child. They wished they had seen an ultrasound or had been told about baby development and the remarkable abilities of their unborn baby before making that decision.

Here are a few brief descriptions of life before birth:



Day 1 – The second your egg is fertilized by a sperm, it contains the plans for every detail of the baby’s development, including sex, hair and eye color, and height.


Week 3 – The brain, spinal chord, and nervous system develop.


Week 4 – The heart begins to beat.


Week 5 – Arms with hands and fingers, legs with feet and toes, and eyes can be seen.


Week 6-8 – Brain waves can be detected.


Week 9 – The body is nearly complete. Internal organs are present and functioning. Changes after the 9th week are primarily changes in size, rather than appearance.


Week 13 – The baby moves vigorously and can make a tight fist. The mother will not be able to feel movement until the 4th or 5th month. The fetus can experience pain.


Month 4 – The baby is 8-10 inches long and weighs 1/2 pound.


Month 5 – The baby may jump in response to a loud noise.


Month 6 – If the baby was born during this month and given special care, he or she could survive.