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Celebrate Life. Louisiana Strong.

On November 12, Woman’s New Life Center will host its annual Born to Run – Baton Rouge 5k and Fun Run in downtown Baton Rouge. But this year, the event will have a new focus.

This past August, Baton Rouge and its neighboring communities suffered an unprecedented amount of hardship with the flooding. One member of our community, Hannah, found herself struggling with a dilemma that she never envisioned herself becoming prey to: she no longer had a home—how could she possibly keep this baby?

Hannah never anticipated needing such help, but when she couldn’t see through the darkness of her unexpected plight, Woman’s New Life Center was there to guide the way.

Devoted to our mission of serving women and babies in need, Woman’s New Life Center sought to help Hannah and all those affected by the flooding in the face of this new crisis. We turned to you, our WNLC family, to help those in our own community rise up from this challenge by providing for the needs of those who lost so much in the floodwaters.

We were OVERWHELMED with the generosity of our donors. Thank YOU for joining together to help those in our community who were affected by the recent flooding.

Because of YOU, women like Hannah were able to find the hope and support necessary to choose life. When choosing life became a struggle due to the dire circumstance she suddenly encountered, Woman’s New Life Center was able to provide Hannah with the hope she so desperately needed. Your support made this possible. You enabled Hannah to choose and to cherish life.

Regardless of the ongoing struggle many are still facing, the people of Louisiana have once again risen above the floodwaters and embraced life. Thus, the focus of this year’s Born to Run – Baton Rouge 5k is one of celebration as we CELEBRATE LIFE, LOUISIANA STRONG.

First, we want to CELEBRATE LIFE as only Louisianians know how. We choose to RUN AS ONE as we celebrate family, life, hope, and new beginnings.

The floodwaters have now subsided, but the needs of many are still present. Therefore, we want to maintain our mission of being the beacon of hope that women like Hannah need when faced with pain and uncertainty. As always, all proceeds from this event directly benefit the vital care provided by Woman’s New Life Center. Without you, we would not be able to carry out our mission of providing support to women in need.

We invite you to join us and to consider forming a team with your friends, family, or coworkers.

“Born to Run is such a fun way to support Women’s New Life Center and the amazing work of the WNLC team!” said Victoria Kelley of Louisiana Family Forum and 2015 Team Captain for the LA Family Forum Born to Run Team. “It was great to be a part of a 5K run/walk event to save lives and restore hope to many families in our region.”

The essence of Born to Run lies in the spirit of resilience and hope. We run as one—one community, one family, one Louisiana.

We look forward to celebrating family and life with you at this year’s Born to Run – Baton Rouge. Let’s rally together to promote life in our community. Your continued support provides hope for women every day who face the challenge of choosing life in difficult circumstances.

Register online at WWW.BORNTORUNBR.COM.

If you would like to celebrate with us but are unable to because you have been affected by the recent flooding, please speak with us. This is event is FOR YOU as well.

Questions? Contact us at 225-218-4862 or

We are open! Click here to read about the precautions we’re taking for COVID-19.