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Kristin’s Story

A Baby Story – Part 1: A Light Shines in the Darkness

Deep down Kristin knew she could be doing more.

This was hardly the life she had envisioned for herself. She had never imagined she would be spending her nights working at a night club and her days lazing around in ambivalence in a relationship heading nowhere. But the money was good, and her only impetus for change was this nagging feeling that there could be more to life than this. Each day, she thought, maybe she would change. Each day, she thought, maybe tomorrow would be different.

Kristin was smart and articulate with a radiant smile. But each day weighed on her, snuffing out her true potential to live as the beautiful daughter of God that she was. She dwelled on this desire for change from this stagnant mediocrity and even turned to prayer in her desperation. She waited with expectant hope for a sign that the Lord was there and that she mattered enough for Him to do something big in her life, to save her from this life of darkness and numbness. She had enough faith to expect something.

But then came the unexpected. She was pregnant.

That’s where Woman’s New Life Center came in.

A Baby Story – Part 2: And the Darkness Shall Not Overcome It

How could this be possible? Kristin stared at the positive pregnancy test in her hand. Not only was this not what she expected to happen, but she had been in a previous relationship for many years without ever getting pregnant causing her to believe she was infertile. How could this happen? And why now?

She had prayed for a change—but this? She could hardly care for herself, let alone a baby. She approached her boyfriend with the news of their child. His inclination was to consider abortion. She wasn’t sure she was ready to be a mother, but she thought about the little life within her. She didn’t want her baby to suffer because of her own failings. But how could she do this on her own? She needed help. She opened up her laptop and searched “assistance in New Orleans for new mothers.”

That’s when she found Woman’s New Life Center.

Through meeting with one of our counselors, Kristin found the strength and encouragement she needed not only to continue with her pregnancy but to make the necessary changes in her life for her own sake as well as her baby’s. Kristin’s first step was to leave her boyfriend. She reached out to her family and was allowed to move home. This couldn’t be a permanent situation, but it was at least an immediate aid. Her family, however, had its own problems. Her counseling session at Woman’s New Life Center assessed her most dire needs, which included her unstable living environment. With our support she remained steadfast in her decision to continue with her pregnancy and better her life. She continued to struggle in the darkness but clung to the hope that God was doing something big in her life through this baby. She remained confident and optimistic through the support we were able to provide her at Woman’s New Life Center. Despite her struggles, she chose to see this child as a gift, even the sign for which she had prayed.

A Baby Story – Part 3: Merry Christmas from Baby Nicholas

Earlier this year, Baby Nicholas entered the world, and with him came a sense of hope and a sense of purpose for his mother Kristin who was desperate to know the love of God. Now she could embrace in her arms this living proof of God’s presence. Although unplanned, the Lord worked through Baby Nicholas to reveal His love for Kristin. This baby became for her an invitation to change her life and embrace His mercy.

This Christmas, let us all remember God’s invitation to embrace His love. On this day, Jesus Christ, Immanuel, has broken into our broken humanity and beckons us to be one with Him. The beauty of Christmas lies in this invitation of our Lord to allow Him to “make all things new” (Rev. 21:5).

Baby Nicholas is our Christmas Gift to You.

The Christmas season is a time to rejoice in the gift of life through the birth of Christ Jesus. Because of you, Kristin was able to find guidance and peace in a time of darkness and confusion. At Woman’s New Life Center, we are thankful for the many people who support us monetarily and spiritually. You can bring the gift of hope to more mothers like Kristin by helping us save and restore more lives. Experience the power of changing a life through giving a simple gift.

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