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New Beginnings

A new school year is beginning. Because of you, we’re ready to be there for the students who might find themselves at a crossroads.

These are young women like 20-year-old Jasmine who called us recently asking for an abortion. After explaining that this was not a service we provide, our counselor invited her to come in to talk. Jasmine asserted that she had already made up her mind to have an abortion but did agree to come in.

Convinced that her only feasible option was to have an abortion, Jasmine began her conversation with our counselor anxiously and staunchly closed off. As they continued to talk, however, her anxiety began to subside and with it her resolve to have an abortion.

By the end of their meeting, Jasmine even agreed to have an ultrasound.

Because of you, what was impossible for Jasmine became possible.

And because of you, we are launching greater efforts to make choosing life a reality for even more young women.

This fall, we are launching marketing campaigns on college campuses in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We’ve advertised our free unplanned pregnancy services on college campuses before, but this year we’re doing more through a variety of print, online, and radio ads so that as many young women as possible know that we are here with the real help they need and deserve.

Thank you for making this possible. Because of you, more young women will receive our free, life-affirming services.

We are open! Click here to read about the precautions we’re taking for COVID-19.