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Maria’s Story

Gabriel couldn’t believe what Maria was telling him—she was pregnant.

He was speechless. Emotions of fear and uncertainty clouded his mind, but at the same time he was excited. No, this wasn’t planned, and he certainly wasn’t sure how they’d pay for a baby. But here was a new life, a new opportunity, another chance to do the right thing…

Maria, on the other hand, had only one thing on her mind. She believed an abortion would “fix” this.

Excitedly, Gabriel broke out in a huge grin and looked up at Maria, but when he saw the pain evident in her face, fear of a different sort sat like a brick in his belly.

Maria stated that she wanted an abortion. She had already decided she would take the abortion pill since she believed she was still early enough in her pregnancy. Then it would be like it never happened.

Gabriel knew she was wrong—it could never be like it never happened.

Ten years ago he learned that lesson the hard way when his girlfriend at that time had an abortion. He hadn’t wanted her to but didn’t feel he had any say-so in the matter.

Now he knew better. It was his child he failed to protect, and that fact haunted him ever since.

Gabriel begged Maria to rethink her decision. After a long talk and many tears, Maria agreed to at least see an ultrasound, and if she was too far along to receive the abortion pill, she would keep the baby.

Then they made an appointment at Woman’s New Life Center, and a glimmer of hope stirred in their hearts.

Part 2

When Maria and Gabriel arrived for their appointment at Woman’s New Life Center, our receptionist greeted them with a smile. Then they met with one of our counselors.

They told her of their fears and concerns regarding Maria’s pregnancy. Gabriel opened up about his former girlfriend’s abortion and how it continued to haunt him. News of Maria’s pregnancy brought his feelings of guilt and unease to the surface. He hated the idea of going through that again with this new baby.

Maria, on the other hand, felt that getting an abortion was the prudent, responsible thing to do. They had school and their future to worry about. In her mind, they weren’t ready to support a child. She would have an abortion as long as she was still early enough in her pregnancy to have the abortion pill.

Our counselor listened to their thoughts and gave them a safe space to discuss their anxieties regarding their unplanned pregnancy. She offered them information on the risks of abortion as well as on the ongoing support that would be available to them if they chose to continue the pregnancy.

Maria and Gabriel then met with our nurse for an ultrasound.

Would the ultrasound reveal enough to convince Maria to keep her baby?

Part 3

Maria and Gabriel stared in awe.

Thereon the ultrasound was a strongly beating heart and a little body wiggling with life.

All the fears and uncertainties seemed secondary to the fact that this child—their child—was very much alive.

Furthermore,the ultrasound revealed that Maria was further along in her pregnancy than what she had thought. The abortion pill would not be an option for her.

But after seeing her living child, Maria could no longer consider having an abortion anyway. Relief washed over Gabriel as Maria happily agreed to continue with her pregnancy.

Following the ultrasound, they met with our counselor again to process their experience.Now, with joy and peace, they looked forward to the miracle awaiting them.

And, because of you, Woman’s New Life Center continues to be there providing support as they prepare to welcome this new life to the world.

Thank YOU for saving the life of their child.

Because of you, Maria and Gabriel will celebrate this Christmas full of hope and life. You have brought peace and joy where the darkness of abortion threatened to overcome them.

Thank you for your gift of life.

Celebrate the joy of Christmas by helping to give the gift of life to mothers and fathers like Maria and Gabriel.

Give the gift of life today!