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Thank you for being part of the miracle.

A young woman named Shay arrived at our center asking for an ultrasound. She told us she was 5 weeks, 3 days along in her pregnancy. We typically wait until 6 weeks to perform an ultrasound because we can get a clearer image of the heartbeat and profile at that point.

But Shay asserted that the only way she would be persuaded against having an abortion would be seeing a heartbeat that day.

Deep down, Shay was hoping for a miracle, but she needed to see to believe.

Our nurse made a brief, internal prayer for guidance and then took a leap of faith by moving forward with the ultrasound.

Miraculously, the little heartbeat sang of the presence of life.

Shay could see the precious little life within her. Her need to see was answered, and she said “yes” to the invitation to motherhood.

Because of you, we have been able to offer these life-affirming services to women like Shay.

Thank you for saving the life of Shay’s child and so many more!

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