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January 24, 2019

The Care You Deserve When You Need It

Why professional counseling can help during an unplanned pregnancy

You just found out you’re pregnant. Or you’re wondering if you might be. It can be a lot to process, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed during this time.

You may be wondering about the pregnancy and how it will affect your body and your lifestyle, about how others might react to this news, and about what to do next.

Our focus is on helping YOU.

Our priority is to help you during this time.

Talking to someone can be incredibly helpful in alleviating the stress you may be feeling. That’s why we’re to listen and help you process your situation.

Why? Because you deserve it.

You deserve to have your needs met and to be cared for. Talking through your concerns with a professional, unbiased counselor can help you process all the thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing right now.

That’s right—professional, confidential counseling.

At Woman’s New Life Clinic, our counselors are licensed professionals. This is an important distinction from other places that may only have “mentors.” Our counselors are trained and licensed professionals because you deserve the best care possible during this time.

Our professional counselors take an objective approach. Their goal is to help you process your emotions and realize what’s best for you during this time.

This also means that our counseling services are confidential. What you are going through is deeply personal, and they’ll keep it that way. Confidentiality is a priority, and our goal is to serve you in the most private, helpful and comprehensive way possible.

Your story and your needs are unique.

This is about you and your experience.

At Woman’s New Life Clinic, we know that you are faced with so many questions about your body, your feelings, your relationships and your future, and we believe you deserve personal attention and trustworthy, compassionate help when facing the challenges and choices of an unplanned pregnancy.

Why an objective counselor can be helpful

Are you confused by all the messages and opinions around you? Do you feel alone or confused?

When you’re feeling despondent, your mind has a hard time being objective. Isolating yourself is not the answer. At this time, it is important to communicate with a trusted person, ideally, an objective and trained professional.

Our professional counselors can help you make sense of the issues that are confusing you.

Our services are free. Let us help you.

Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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