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March 22, 2019

Avoiding Pregnancy Without Birth Control the Natural, Empowering Way

Did you know you could avoid pregnancy without birth control?

More and more women are choosing against artificial contraceptives in favor of natural ways of monitoring their fertility. Fertility Awareness Methods are becoming increasingly popular.

A Fertility Awareness Method is a way of monitoring one’s cycle based on the observation of certain naturally occurring signs in the woman’s body. Any woman can learn to observe and interpret the signs that her body gives her naturally. In doing so, she can know when she is and isn’t fertile.

Why would a woman choose to use a Fertility Awareness Method to monitor her fertility instead of using artificial birth control? Each woman will have her own reasons, but here are some of the most common ones:

1. Fertility Awareness Methods carry ZERO health risks.

The risks associated with artificial birth control methods are numerous.

People are becoming increasingly concerned about the chemicals in cosmetics or the added hormones in their food, opting instead for organic, more natural products and foods. This also applies to artificial contraceptives. Women are becoming aware of the dangerous side effects of using them and are opting instead of natural methods of avoiding pregnancy.

Artificial contraceptives carry an extensive list of health risks from mood changes and migraines to blood clots, stroke, and even cancer. They can even affect your sex drive and who you are attracted to.

Fertility Awareness Methods, on the other hand, do not involve ingesting or inserting any foreign substance to the body. They simply involve reading the signs your body gives you naturally.

This natural monitoring of your fertility is 100% free of any negative side effects.

2. Fertility Awareness Methods are much less expensive than traditional birth control.

The cost of continually using traditional birth control can add up. Fertility Awareness Methods, however, are much less expensive.

Once the initial learning phase is complete, there is little else to pay ongoing. Even the instruction itself is fairly inexpensive depending on the method chosen.

After you learn how to chart your cycles effectively, the knowledge remains yours.

3. Learning a Fertility Awareness Method is empowering.

Did you know you can only get pregnant for about a hundred hours each cycle?

It’s a misconception that pregnancy is possible on any given day. When you learn to chart your cycle with a Fertility Awareness Method, you can pinpoint the days when getting pregnant is possible.

This knowledge of your body and how it works is empowering. Instead of being in the dark about your fertility, you can take control of it!

But do Fertility Awareness Methods work?

Yes! In fact, they are statistically just as effective as and often even more effective than artificial contraceptives.

The key is proper instruction. To use a Fertility Awareness Method, connect with a trained, certified instructor who will teach you everything you need to know to use the method well and be available to you for help as you put it into practice.

This instruction is available at Woman’s New Life Clinic in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

How to get started…

To get started or to learn more, simply send us an email. We’ll connect you with an instructor who can answer any questions you have and get you started with an introductory session. Scheduling an introductory session is the best way to see whether learning a Fertility Awareness Method is a great fit for you.

Take control of your fertility today!

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