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Why professional counseling?

When a woman is in a crisis pregnancy, she deserves real, professional help to navigate the nuances of her situation. At Woman’s New Life Clinic, we offer professional counseling for pregnancy and surrounding issues; these counseling services are also provided to the husbands, boyfriends, and family members as needed.

When we offer true healing for the woman in crisis, we empower her to embrace the life of her child.

Thank YOU for making this possible.

But WNLC’s counseling goes beyond immediate crisis pregnancy support. We’re here for women before, during, and after pregnancy. We’re here for women who are struggling with circumstances that may lead them to an unplanned pregnancy in the future. Beyond being pro-life, we are pro-woman.

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to provide longer term counseling…I now have a few clients that have been meeting regularly with me for the past six months to a year. We’re working through things like anxiety, emotionally toxic relationships, grief, loss, all of which can impact a woman and her children (those born and yet to be born).

Sometimes as counselors, we wonder if our efforts are really making an impact. We question if clients are really benefitting. One of my clients recently told me that she referred a friend of hers to us for counseling because it has been so helpful to her. She compared counseling to talking with a friend, but stated it is so much more than that. When meeting with the counselor, she feels like she is actually doing something about her concerns and problems. She is moving forward and making positive changes in her life, not just venting.

It was so great to hear this…she has invested in herself, is doing the hard work, and making a positive change now that will impact her family for years to come. The challenges she faces are no longer controlling her, but now she is in control.”

– Whitney, WNLC Counselor

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