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Zoey’s Story

Part 1

You have saved the lives of countless babies threatened by abortion, but did you know you’re often saving the lives of their mothers, too?

Zoey came to us with the weight of her unplanned pregnancy. She had several children already and did not have the proper support to welcome another child with confidence and joy.

She felt trapped and alone.

But then she found Woman’s New Life Clinic.

Because of you, we were here with life-affirming services to help her with her unplanned pregnancy. Through counseling, she was able to find the healing and peace she needed to welcome her baby with open arms and joyfully chose life for her child.

Because of you, we were able to offer Zoey the “gifts” of the counseling and medical services she needed.

But just as the Magi brought not one, but three gifts for the infant Jesus, you enabled us to give even more to Zoey…

Part 2

Soon Zoey gave birth to Baby Noel, a healthy, radiant baby girl.

But Zoey’s journey wasn’t over yet.

She reached out to us again. Even after a decision to choose life, many women still struggle under the weight of their circumstance, and we’re here for the long haul.

Because of you, Zoey has been able to continue receiving counseling and has become increasingly peaceful and joyful.

This second gift of ongoing support again changed Zoey’s life. Amidst the postpartum struggle, she had an ally and a place of support.

But there were still more gifts to come…

Part 3

The gifts kept coming for Zoey and her family.

When one of our donors asked whether we had any clients who might benefit from a donation of Christmas presents, we thought of Zoey immediately.

Joy and gratitude overflowed in Zoey and her family as they came to collect their gifts.

Thank you!

Because of YOU, Zoey received the care she needed to choose life for her baby, the empowering support afterwards, and an extra special Christmas.

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