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December 15, 2020

Has COVID Changed Abortion Pill Regulations?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy typically results in feelings of fear and uncertainty, and the worries are ever-present for women experiencing this in the midst of COVID-19. 

It’s no secret that the virus has and will continue to impact the economy, and many women are wondering if they will have access to the healthcare, insurance, and resources needed when it comes to pregnancy choices. 

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy during this time, remember that you have options! 

COVID-19 and the Abortion Pill

For many women, COVID-19 has heightened the fear surrounding pregnancy, resulting in an increase in abortion demand. With social distancing in place, you might be wondering what your options are when it comes to the abortion pill.

While it depends on your state’s current regulations, most abortion clinics and healthcare providers have remained open throughout the pandemic. For women who aren’t able to go into an abortion clinic right now, there are appeals to make online ordering for the abortion pill more accessible. However, because the abortion pill is a major medical procedure, it’s important to avoid any option that isn’t under the supervision of a medical professional.

If you’re considering medical abortion, keep reading for more info on what to do before your abortion appointment.

What should I do before taking the abortion pill?

1. Get a Pregnancy Test

Before scheduling an abortion, you’ll want to confirm your pregnancy with a lab-quality test at a local pregnancy clinic. These tests provide the most accurate results by measuring the hCG in urine. Click here to schedule your free pregnancy test at Woman’s New Life Clinic!

2. Get an Ultrasound

After you confirm your pregnancy with a pregnancy test, you’ll need an ultrasound. This will determine the gestational age, location, and viability of your pregnancy. Each of these factors will determine what kind of abortion you’re eligible for — whether medical or surgical — and make sure you don’t have any preexisting conditions that will cause unwanted consequences following the procedure.

3. Learn about your options and resources 

When experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, women have three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. Here at Woman’s New Life Clinic, we believe that all women are entitled to education and information on each option available to them.

Schedule your appointment today!  

To ensure that every woman who walks through our doors feels supported and loved, we provide free and confidential pregnancy services and counseling options! If you are exploring your options or have already scheduled your abortion appointment, come take a free lab-quality pregnancy test or ultrasound scan!

Contact us today to set up your free and confidential appointment!

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