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Thank you for giving life-saving care to mothers like Arianna!

Arianna showed incredible courage in coming to see us. She had been so close to scheduling an abortion.

Her baby’s father wanted nothing to do with her pregnancy. “Fix it. It’s not my problem,” he warned her.

When she came to Woman’s New Life Clinic, she found solace in opening up to one of our professional counselors about her fears, but she hesitated before agreeing to an ultrasound. Like so many women we’ve been seeing over the last year, Arianna had distanced herself emotionally from her pregnancy.

Our counselors have found that, since COVID began, so many more women are struggling to bond with the child in their womb than before.

But Arianna was brave. She proceeded with an ultrasound, and there she encountered her living child.

From that point she had a new perspective: this was her child.

Because of you, Arianna chose life for her child and has continued to lean on her professional counselor at WNLC for support throughout her pregnancy!

Thank YOU for providing Arianna with the support she needed in her time of need!