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Thank you for helping moms like Jasmine!

Late one afternoon, as the Woman’s New Life Clinic staff were nearing the end of their day, Jasmine pulled into the parking lot next door for her appointment at the Delta Abortion Clinic.

Her stomach churned, both from her morning sickness and her anxiety. She didn’t want to be here. She didn’t want an abortion. But what choice did she have? There was just too much at stake, and an abortion seemed to be her only option.

Before exiting her car, Jasmine made a silent prayer for help. And then she looked up…

Her eyes fell upon the large sign on the side of our Baton Rouge clinic.

Here was, quite literally, a sign promising hope, a sign showing her another way.

Jasmine believed it was the sign from God for which she had prayed. Instead of keeping her appointment at the abortion clinic, she walked through the doors of Woman’s New Life Clinic. Our professional counselor met with her first and helped her find peace in the midst of her unexpected pregnancy. Then she received an ultrasound and encountered her living child.

With our professional staff to lean on as often and as long as she needs, Jasmine found the strength to choose life for her child.

Thank YOU for making this miracle of life possible for Jasmine and so many other women and their babies!

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