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SCOTUS Decision

Dear Friend of Life,

Because of your kindness, Woman’s New Life Clinic has been a beacon of hope for 21 years, providing free professional medical and mental health services to thousands of women in Louisiana and the Gulf South.

Women have come to WNLC to get confirmation of their pregnancy and gestational age and to receive mental health support every step of the way. Women have come to WNLC to receive free diapers, baby clothes, and portable sleepers. Social workers and professional counselors have assisted women with adoption plans, health insurance applications, housing assistance, and treatment for substance abuse. WNLC has compassionately cared for hundreds of women who have lost children through miscarriage and stillbirth. WNLC has walked with women and men, parents and grandparents, friends and family, through the healing of past abortion.

We will not stop.

The United States Supreme Court has reversed a nearly 50-year-old court decision, Roe v. Wade, which should allow Louisiana law to go into effect immediately.

But at Woman’s New Life Clinic, we knew that the legality of abortion would never stop our work. Unplanned pregnancies will not stop. Neither will we.

Now, more than ever, women need LOVE. For over 20 years we’ve listened to mothers’ stories of fear and despair. In a “pro-choice” world, we heard over and over again that women felt they had “no other choice” than abortion.

Now, with the choice of abortion largely not an option in the state of Louisiana, we need to rise up and support each woman struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. The circumstances surrounding her unplanned pregnancy will still be there. We need to be there for her.

God, our Creator, chose each of us to live in this time. We are here for a purpose, and I ask that you remain with Woman’s New Life Clinic as we continue to bring life-affirming care to women in our community.

There is a nationwide threat to the security of all life-affirming pregnancy clinics. We’ve had to hire private police detail to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and clinics. Please pray for the safety of us all.

We will continue to provide mental health support to women in crisis and grief, we and will empower them to see HOPE. We will continue to provide free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and abortion pill reversal to women considering at-home medical abortion or traveling out of state to have an abortion. We will continue to link arms with other life-affirming agencies, churches, and programs that support mothers. We will augment these services to women in need with our well-woman care, urgent gynecologic care, and STI testing and treatment.

We will not stop.

Our work has just begun!

Yours in the hope of new life,


Allison Millet, CEO

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