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Why Talk to Us About Abortion?

December 28, 2022

Why Talk to Us About Abortion?

At our clinic, we post blogs about abortion and are willing to answer any questions you may have about the procedure. But abortion is now illegal in Louisiana unless it is deemed necessary to save a woman’s life. 

So why do we keep the conversation going?

Because the reality is that the overturning of Roe v. Wade didn’t erase the issue. Abortion continues to be a confusing yet extremely important topic. 

In a country with many dissenting voices about abortion, we want to talk to you about it for the following reasons:

We Want to Empower Women

Sir Francis Bacon first said, “Knowledge is power.” 

By giving women all of the information, we erase confusion and fear, empowering them to make a confident decision about how to move forward with their pregnancies. 

We think it is important for pregnant women to have a safe place to ask “what if” and explore all the possibilities that abortion, parenthood, and adoption would bring. And throughout the process, we strive to make them feel supported and not pressured. 

Abortion Has Risks 

At our clinic, we want to help pregnant women stay safe and healthy, which means we are open about all the potential complications associated with abortion. 

The procedure is not safe for everyone. 

The abortion pill, which is usually taken at home before 10 weeks gestation, terminates a pregnancy and essentially propels a woman to “give birth” to the pregnancy remains. Common side effects include:

  • Heavy bleeding and hemorrhaging 
  • Incomplete abortion
  • Infection
  • Intense, labor-like cramping
  • Digestive issues 

A surgical abortion, which is most often done after the abortion pill is no longer an option, has gone very badly for some women. Previously women have experienced:

  • Hemorrhaging 
  • Perforation of the uterus 
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Incomplete abortion
  • Infection 
  • Infertility

Abortion is Part of the Story

If you have already experienced an abortion, we want you to know that abortion is a part of your story, but it is not the end of it. 

According to the CDC  more than 629,000 women reported having an abortion in the United States in 2019. Other studies reflect higher numbers. 

For those thousands of women who terminated pregnancies that year and every year, abortion still matters. It is still part of their stories. Perhaps it is still part of your story.

Many women struggle mentally and emotionally with the aftermath of abortion, sometimes for the rest of their lives. 

A study by Dr. Catherine Coyle and Vincent M. Rue concurred, saying: 

“Clinicians who work with post-abortion clients have observed communication problems, sexual problems, and relationship stress or failure. Relationships may be affected by abortion in several ways. A decrease in trust may have a negative impact on self-disclosure, intimacy, and communication between men and their partners. Hostility, blame, and fear may also have negative effects on communication. As communication declines, the relationship erodes.”

But we are here to tell you that we have seen men and women find healing. You can find the same. 

Give us a call today to schedule your free, confidential appointment with one of our professional counselors to continue the conversation about your unplanned pregnancy or past abortion. We are here to help!