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How Will Abortion Affect Me Physically?

March 27, 2023

How Will Abortion Affect Me Physically?

Before you schedule an abortion, it is important to educate yourself on the risks and potential complications that you may experience. 

Your body and your future are worth the extra time it takes to research to ensure you are making the best choice. 

The reality is that abortion can lead to some serious and life-long physical repercussions. Here is everything you need to know:

What are the Risks of the Abortion Pill?

The abortion pill series is not for everyone. There are over 200 medications that should not be taken with Mifeprex. You also should not take the abortion pill with certain types of birth control like an IUD. 

Depending on where you get the pill, you may have additional risks. If you order the abortion pill from a third party source, you risk getting drugs that are contaminated or fake, according to the FDA. Third party sources who sell the pill series may not be adhering to FDA regulations, so the pills may be contaminated, expired, or fake.

Taking the abortion pill also may cause:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Heavy Bleeding
  • Extreme abdominal pain
  • Incomplete Abortion (when parts of the pregnancy remain in the uterus)
  • Infection that leads to pelvic shock and sepsis

What are the risks of an abortion?

There are risks with any type of abortion but a D&E (Dilation and Evacuation) abortion comes with additional risks. A D&E uses a combination of vacuum aspiration, D&C and the use of surgical tools like forceps to remove the pregnancy from your womb. 

The risks for this type of procedure, according to Kaiser Permanente include: 

  • Injury to the uterine lining or cervix.
  • A hole in the wall of the uterus (uterine perforation). This is rare.
  • Infection. Bacteria can enter the uterus during the procedure and cause an infection.
  • Moderate to severe bleeding (hemorrhage), which is sometimes caused by:
    • Injury to the uterine lining or cervix.
    • Perforation of the uterus.
    • The uterus not contracting (atony).
    • Uterine rupture. In rare cases, a uterine incision scar tears open when a medicine is used to induce contractions.
    • Tissue remaining in the uterus (retained products of conception).

What Are My Alternatives?

Abortion is not your only choice, even if you don’t feel ready to be a parent. 

Adoption is an option, especially if you have financial concerns. If you place your baby with an adoptive family, the adoption agency and adopting parents will cover all costs associated with medical and pregnancy care leading up to, and even after your birth. You can even receive financial assistance with housing, transportation, maternity clothes, food, and more. 

If you choose adoption, you will get to be in the driver’s seat. You pick the adopting parents. You pick when the baby goes home with them. You pick who is with you in the delivery room. You choose how much contact you want with your child in the future. 

Parenting is another option, even if you don’t feel ready for it. There are many financial aid programs for single moms and low income families that can help. Medicaid pays for almost half of all births nationwide. And at our clinic, we can connect you to helpful resources and parenting tips that will set you up for success. 

Give us a call today to learn more about your options and find the answers to your questions about abortion, adoption, or parenting. We are here to help you.