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September 26, 2023

Is Family Planning a Big Deal?

Yes, family planning is a big deal.

It’s deciding with your partner whether you are in a responsible position to have your first child or more children. Or, on the flip side, whether it’s time to wait.

Want to learn more about family planning? We offer fertility instruction at both our New Orleans and Baton Rouge Locations. Contact us for information.
Reasons to Explore Family Planning
There are many reasons why you might consider family planning. It could be financial, situational, or for important health reasons. No matter the reason, choosing family planning can lead to responsible choices. 


Groceries, medical care, clothing, and other supplies can add up. Feeling financially prepared to grow your family will reduce stress and provide stability. 

While financial stability doesn’t guarantee better parenting, it does improve your mental health and allow you to focus more on your children and less on how you’ll make ends meet.

Remember that many organizations are available to help parents in need. If you need assistance, we can help connect you.


Spacing your pregnancies can help your body fully recover before carrying your next pregnancy. It prevents certain pregnancy complications and can improve your baby’s health outcomes.
Mayo Clinic suggests spacing your pregnancies about 18 to 24 months, with the exception of couples over age 35 waiting 12 months due to fertility concerns.

Your Situation

Maybe you and your partner are on-again, off-again. Maybe you are considering continuing your education or adopting a healthy lifestyle before pregnancy. There are endless situations for why you might consider waiting.

While waiting is often a wise choice, let us encourage you that there’s never a perfect time. Even couples actively trying to become pregnant do not feel completely ready to welcome a child.

Become Empowered to Manage Your Fertility

Whether you’re trying to grow your family or are currently waiting, learn about your fertility and reproductive health at Woman’s New Life Clinic.

We offer instruction in three Fertility Awareness Based Methods. All three will help you become in touch with your fertility and feel empowered to manage it yourself.

You will learn how your body naturally cycles from ovulation to menstruation and the points in between, and learn indicators of health patterns or problems.

Read more about fertility awareness methods, or call us for more information on how to receive instruction. Fertility awareness is a healthy first step to family planning. We can help you learn.