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Because of you, Anna had a second chance…

You may think abortion no longer, or rarely occurs in Louisiana now that it is largely illegal, but think again. Women call our clinics every day struggling with an unplanned pregnancy and looking either to travel to another state or order the abortion pill online for delivery to their home. Some women who call us have already ordered the abortion pill but just haven’t taken it yet.

And some who call us have taken the abortion pill but regret their decision…

This was the case with Anna.*

When Anna found out she was pregnant, she ordered the abortion pill online for delivery to her home. Even though no doctor or clinic can legally prescribe the abortion pill in Louisiana now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, many unregulated websites will ship the abortion pill to whomever, wherever.

Anna took the first in the series of doses but then regretted her decision.

Thankfully, she heard about abortion pill reversal, called the hotline, and was connected with us at Woman’s New Life Clinic where our Nurse Practitioner was able to begin the abortion pill reversal protocol.

Abortion pill reversal is among Woman’s New Life Clinic’s services for women—made possible through the generosity of our donors. Because of your support, Anna was able to continue her pregnancy through this amazing, life-saving service.

Mail-Order Abortion—the New Norm

The abortion pill (also known as medication or chemical abortion) accounts for the majority of abortions today with its prevalence continually increasing. Websites like and instruct women in how to procure the abortion pills online even if they are in states where abortion is illegal. They also instruct women in how to receive funding for travel to states with active abortion clinics. Some websites, like, will even ship abortion pills to women—or anyone—without a confirmed pregnancy so that they can keep them on hand for a future pregnancy.

The abortion industry targets young women with the message that medication abortion is a safe and effective means of managing their reproductive care. However, at Woman’s New Life Clinic we have heard first-hand from women that their experience with their at-home abortion was far worse than they expected.

The Horrific Reality of At-Home Abortions, a pro-life news and advocacy site, has compiled stories from women who have taken the abortion pills. You can read their stories here.

Please note: the information contained on this site may be difficult for some people to read.

How the Abortion Pill Works

The woman takes the first set of pills, mifepristone, which blocks the receptors that allow the baby to receive progesterone, the primary hormone necessary to sustain early pregnancy. The woman then takes the second set of pills, misoprostol**, 24- 48 hours later to induce labor.

We are grateful for laws that protect the dignity of women and the sanctity of life. However, even in Louisiana where abortion is largely illegal, it remains ever-present.

Thankfully, we can help women like Anna with abortion pill reversal.

How Abortion Pill Reversal Works

A woman seeking abortion pill reversal can reach out to the national hotline and be connected to a provider in her area who can help her. A woman seeking abortion pill reversal can receive treatment at Woman’s New Life Clinic by being connected to us through the hotline or by calling us directly.

However she finds us, our staff is ready to take action immediately.

The abortion pill reversal process involves supplementing the woman with enough bioidentical progesterone to override mifepristone’s attempts to block the woman’s own natural production of progesterone.

Doing so within the first couple of days after ingestion of the mifepristone can give the baby a fighting chance. The baby has the best chance of survival if treatment is given within the first 24 hours, but lives have been saved with treatment given up to 72 hours.

To learn more about abortion pill reversal, visit

Abortion pill reversal 24/7 emergency hotline: 877-558-0333

What YOU Can Do

Because of you, we can continue providing the incredible life-saving service of abortion pill reversal. Since we started offering this service four years ago, we have successfully reversed the effects of the abortion pill for nine women.

Thank you for making this incredible victory possible!

However, reaching a woman when she first suspects she is pregnant is equally as vital. Your support ensures that she sees Woman’s New Life Clinic when she searches online for help with her unplanned pregnancy.

Your support provides her with a free pregnancy test, life-changing ultrasound, and compassionate professional counseling. Your support provides her with the truth about the life within her as well as about the risks of abortion.

Abortion is still here. But because of your kindness, so is Woman’s New Life Clinic.

Thank you for changing and saving lives.

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*Name changed to protect client confidentiality

**Some websites, like, encourage women to take only misoprostol. Unfortunately, a misoprostol-only abortion cannot be reversed with the abortion pill reversal protocol.