FABM 101 For Teachers & Facilitators

FABM 101 is a free educational video series for teenage and young adult women that explains the basics of learning a Fertility Awareness-Based Method (FABM). This program includes online quizzes and supplemental material and is suitable for use in a school or home setting. The goal of FABM 101 is to empower young women with the knowledge they need to make life-affirming, dignifying choices for their sexual and reproductive health

  • What a Fertility Awareness-Based Method is and how learning it can be empowering 
  • Basic male and female anatomy 
  • The phases in a woman’s menstrual cycle 
  • The role and function of hormones in the woman’s body 
  • How artificial birth control affects the woman’s body 
  • The risks of premarital sex and the value of abstinence 

All teenage and young adult women! 

Learning a Fertility Awareness-Based Method is a natural, empowering way for a young woman to manage her sexual health. 

Yes, because she’s worth it! 

Empower young women with the tools they need to protect their sexual health.  

Curious about Fertility Awareness-Based Methods? 

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